Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Think before you speak

I`ve just realised, I must be mellowing! I took my Mum and her man friend out to visit a flower festival the other day, and someone, seeing them together automatically assumed they were husband and wife, as they said to me something about my Mum and dad, and, for once I didn`t bite back ! I`ve normally quickly said very sharply “he`s not my dad”, but this time I didn`t. I wondered afterwards why didn`t I?, I suppose to save the other person (who was a complete stranger) embarrassment. And perhaps because it seemed pointless as we`d probably never see them again.

Having said that, it`s not to say that anyone local and making that slip, won`t be told firmly that they`re wrong!

It also goes to show, that one shouldn`t assume relationships between people they see together, doesn`t it. Wonder how many times we all do that and jump to the wrong conclusions. It can be very hurtful, as I know from experience.

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