Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Coffee aroma and taste

Coffee seems a strange thing in a way, because having expressed my dislike of drinking it, I suppose I should say that I do like the smell of it ! The aroma from ground coffee or even a cup of good instant coffee is good. So, why doesn`t it taste like it smells?!
I`ll happily eat coffee cream sweets, or coffee cake too, and enjoy the flavour of them, so why doesn`t a cup of coffee have the same type of coffee flavour? What have they done different to it?

I knew there are many different kinds of coffee beans but I`ve just discovered there`s more than I thought! In the coffee encyclopedia, it says there`s over 60 of them, and over 900 volatile aromas! Wonder who identified and counted all those smells?!

It still won`t get me drinking it though.
I`ll stick to tea.

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