Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How many years?

I just came across a site that asked `How long will you survive on earth?` so I thought, that will be interesting to find out. If you want to try it, you`ll find it here. So, for curiosity`s sake, (not that I believe in these things) I just had to have a go at it.
The result was that my life expectancy,if I believe it, will be 84.
Keep reading my blogs and if they stop appearing in the year 2037 you`ll know this test was correct!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Resolution Review

It`s now a month since I made my new year resolutions, so it`s time I reviewed where I`ve got to with them after a month.

Some I`ve failed badly at – like writing my Blog earlier in the day; finding more time to sit and read; talking more; doing my needle work picture; making more time for myself.

Some I`ve succeeded at – like having more exercise, I do make myself walk more; making more time to read my bible and pray; keeping things tidier; having more patience with my parent – but that has been a real struggle!

Others I`ve neither succeeded nor failed at (although having just typed that, I wonder if I haven`t succeeded can I say haven`t failed?) I suppose what I mean is I`ve not got any better or any worse at them: being organised; overcoming nerves;

Those I`ve failed at in the first month, I`ll try to do better with before I review this again at 3 months. Maybe by keeping reviewing it (even if I bore anyone reading this!) it may help me to make the effort to do at least some of the things better by the end of the year

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The first ones

I`ve seen them today.
The first ones.
We were out for a drive this afternoon, and came across them in a church yard. There they were, very small and delicate against the strength of the stone. What a contrast of two natural items. The stone so grey and weathered and heavy and them so white and fresh and fragile.
What am I talking about?
One of my favourite flowers.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sign of Spring

Enjoy this picture of a sign of spring.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Inspiration wanted!

I`m lost for inspiration on what I should be doing. Maybe it`s because Easter seems so far off, yet I have to start thinking about it now, to do some work for it. I`ve been looking at lots of sites of clip art to find suitable graphics. Can I find what I want in all the hundreds of images? No. There are enough lambs to make a huge flock; enough Easter eggs of a multitude of colours, patterns, sizes and shapes; bunnies sitting, hopping, shopping, grinning; crosses with flowers suitable for funerals.
But, where or where are plain printable pictures and line drawings to depict the true meaning of Easter?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A remedy for sleeplessness!

Need something to send you to sleep? I`ve found the answer!
Try sitting in a nice warm room with the gentle sound of a photocopier rhythmically humming and whirling as it sends out sheets of papers.
I was doing just that this afternoon and found that the combination of the two had a very relaxing, somnolent effect and I felt my eyelids start to get heavy and want to close. I had to keep forcing myself to remember that I wasn`t at home, and to stay awake. (I don`t normally fall asleep sitting up, but maybe it was because of the worrying week I`ve had, and that it was good to just get away for a while)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It`s my space

I`ve had it all to myself this last week. It`s been lovely. What am I talking about? The kitchen!
With my parents incapacity to stand or walk this week, the kitchen has been my domain, I`ve enjoyed deciding what to have, preparing the food, cooking and serving it and even the washing up afterwards, although I must admit I`m not so keep on the drying up! They say `two women in a kitchen don`t get on` and how true a saying that is! I can get things done so much quicker on my own and be more organised, and not have to fear knocking someone over when I turn round or step backwards.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Calculators - good or bad?

Are calculators and computers such a good idea in primary school learning? Do they really teach children and young people the way to count, reckon up and subtract figures? I`m not talking about complicated mathematics for complex uses, but just ordinary everyday maths which we use everyday for tasks like shopping.

At least two incidents recently really made me wonder about this. First in a store, the young lady on a till had to count out change for a purchase from a £10 note, could she do it? No. She had to turn to the older cashier on the next till and ask her to come and do it. Second time, I observed a customer count out the cost of her shopping in small change, give the handful of the change to the young cashier. The cashier looked at the pennies and silver and had three or four goes to count it to see if it was correct, in the end she turned to the older person on the next till and said I can`t do this, can you count it !

So, isn`t it time we taught children how to count without having mechanical devices to just give them the answer?

Monday, January 23, 2006


Looking through some of the photos I`d taken during last summer, I came across this single daisy, so as I`ve nothing interesting to write today, enjoy the picture.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Alone with thoughts

How I wish I had a brother or sister to share things with, especially at the moment when I feel so much responsibility for a parent. I feel so alone. I know there are some people who will help with some practical issues, for which I`m grateful. But there is so much is going round in my mind – what to do for the best; where to put my priorities – parent or work; what if this…; what if that….; what`s best to do?….etc...etc.... Oh, why haven`t I got a brother or sister to share it with, to talk all these things over with.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Scenic photo

As I can`t get any inspiration on what to write today, here`s a photo of a favourite duck feeding spot.

And, talking of birds, hope you like the little pet who`s joined my site. (on the right hand side bar. click the word `more` and see what happens)

Friday, January 20, 2006

Unusual travel

I had the unusual experience of having to catch a train today – and found forgotten pleasure in a train ride, even though it was only for a short distance, there was something quite relaxing about the sound of the wheels on the track and just watching the countryside go by, looking into peoples back gardens. Something I used to do quite regularly – no, not look into gardens!, but use the train. And that today followed the very unusual experience of having a ride in an ambulance – not, I hasten to add, thankfully as the patient.

Sitting doing a word puzzle in a book as I waited for the train today, I uncovered a quotation that seemed so apt to me at present: “Anxiety is simply part of the condition of being human”. Only snag is, it didn`t give any ideas on how to cope with being anxious and worried.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Crash, bang, wallop!

Its 3.30 a.m. and I can`t sleep I`m worried, so I`m going to share that worry on here.

About an hour ago I was woken from a sound sleep by a noise – a lumping bumping noise. I jumped out of bed, opened my bedroom door and there found my parent had fallen on her way to the bathroom, and was lying full length on the floor near the top of the stairs.

But, how to get her up, that was the problem. She can`t get herself up. She`s no light weight and has a leg which won`t bend. At that time of the morning I couldn`t ring anyone or get a neighbour and I`m alone in the house with her. Eventually after a lot of struggling between us I managed to get her up.

But now I worry – what if it happens again and I can`t lift her, if I can`t get her up what do I do. The weight of responsibility feels to be so heavy on me, and I`m scared and worried.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Red Sky

Red sky at night
Shepherds delight
Red sky in the morning
Sailors warning.

That old proverb/saying came to me as I saw this sky last night. It looked so beautiful and such unbelievable colours. If anyone had painted a picture with the sky that colour, I`d have though it wasn`t life-like. But this really was the colour of the sky here yesterday evening.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Fancy a bit of stocktaking?
I know it`s quite customary for shops, warehouses, factories, depots and other places to have annual or regular stocktakes, where they count everything they have. But, I heard of something the other day that caused me to stop and `take stock`……

A zoo was going to do a stock take, and count all their creatures but as well as just counting them, they were going to list how many male and how many female of each species they`d got. Now, I can understand how they could count a cage of sleeping lions or tigers, or an enclosure of penguins – so long as they stood still!, but how, I wondered, does one count birds in an aviary that are constantly flying too and fro, and what about the stick insects and tiny insects no doubt hiding amongst foliage in their tanks, how does one count them, let alone decide if they are male or female!

And, further to that, what happens if the count of giraffes doesn`t match the quantity they think they should have? Or if they are a tarantula short…. do they put out an alert and go looking for it?

It puts a whole new meaning on the word Stock taking doesn`t it?

Monday, January 16, 2006


I heard this on the radio this morning, and it made me smile, so thought I`d share it….

On the first day, God created Dog and said, “you`re to sit at the door of the house and bark at everyone who comes in or out of the house or goes past. I`ll give you a life span of 20 years”. “Twenty years!” said Dog, “that`s too long to sit and bark, I`ll give you 10 years back”. “Alright” said God.

On the second day, God created a Monkey and said, “you`re to perform monkey tricks to entertain people, I`ll give you a life span of 20 years”. “Twenty years! That’s far too long to perform tricks” said Monkey, “I`ll give you 10 years back”. “Alright” said God.

On the third day, God created Cow and said, “you`re to graze the pasture, produce calves, produce milk and work for farmer, I`ll give you a life span of 60 years”. “That’s far too long” said Cow, “I`ll give you 40 years back”. “Alright” said God.

On the next day God created Man and said, ”you`re to eat, sleep and have fun, I`ll give you a life span of 20 years”. “That`s not long enough” said Man, “let me have the 10 years Dog gave back, the 10 years Monkey gave back and the 40 years Cow gave back”. “Alright” said God, “that will make 80 years. For the first 20 years you`ll eat, sleep and enjoy life, for the next 40 years you`ll work hard and produce a family, for the next 10 you`ll perform monkey tricks for your grandchildren and for the last 10 you`ll sit and the door and bark at all who pass” !

Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Beautiful growth

For the last few weeks, we have been watching something that looked at first to have no life, gradually grow and flourish. First there was a tiny green tip, then gradually leaves grew up tall before the flower spike appeared. I always love to see the spring flowers emerge from their bulbs and open to full beauty.

Posted by Picasa
This is a photo of one of the hyacinths which we now have out in full bloom.
It`s just a pity that there isn`t a way (yet!) to include scent on blog postings! The perfume from this hyacinth is beautiful.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Longer days

The nights are pulling out now, and I was able to walk home from work in almost daylight tonight. Much better! Each year there somehow seems, to me, to be less and less really long dark evenings. Years ago they seemed to go on for ever and be a really long winter. Is it just my imagination or are they getting less.

Thinking of that expression I`ve just used, which is commonly heard when the days begin to get longer, set me wondering why do we say that the nights are pulling out, who first coined that phrase - or that one, come to think of it! Gosh, that`s three phrases in a short sentence. Where do they all come from?

But, getting back to the first one, it set me picturing a little old man or elf like figure somewhere literally pulling hard on a string to make the day light last longer. Strange how expressions can bring farcical pictures to mind isn`t it.

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Winter Walk

Posted by Picasa
Keeping to my new year resolutions I went for a walk this afternoon. Taking my car, I went to the coast and parked near the promenade. The sun was out, the wind cold but bracing. It was a joy to be outside, to be able to appreciate the beauty of a bright winter`s day. The tide was out and there was a long golden stretch of sand and in the distance one could see the sea gently lapping on the sand. It was so peaceful and quiet. And for a bonus, I had it all to myself, on the whole of the promenade I only passed a couple of people out walking their dogs.
Walking along I came across this seagull sitting on a lamp-post and couldn`t resist taking this photo of him (or her). I also saw a small group of Turnstones pecking about, I was able to get quite close to them and stood watching them for a while. There is just so much beauty in nature.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Eye Test

It made my day!
I`ve been told that I`ve got the healthy eyes of a twenty year old!
I went and had my eyes tested today as it`s a while since I had them done. One of the things they did was to take a photo of the back of my eye – amazing, that in an instant there it was on the screen on the computer beside the machine that flashed a light at me and took it. And from looking at that, I was told how healthy my eyes were. It really is wonderful the technology now for tests like that, and we have such a lot of unknown people to thank for their work in researching and evolving such devices.
I still need glasses for seeing distance but I can read any tiny print easily without them. So then it came to selecting new frames, and what a choice there was, eventually I decided on a pair and now wait ten to fourteen days to get them.
Wonder if anyone will notice they`re different when I get them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Best Prescription

I wonder what the best prescription you ever had. For me, it must be what my doctor prescribed about 12 years ago. Nothing medical !
I`d been going to see him on a few occasions during bereavement (without my parent knowing), and he kept saying that to boost my confidence the best thing I should do would be to learn to drive. It would give me independence, freedom and confidence. Eventually I followed his prescription, and have to agree, it was the best thing I ever did. Eleven years today I passed my driving test, and I felt “on top of the world”.
How I wish now though, that I`d learnt to drive years ago, and so that my Dad could have had enjoyment from it too.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No problem.....ughh!

"No problem" - did I ask if there was a problem?
I just asked a work colleague if they could do something. It wasn`t a problem to start with, it was just a normal job that needed doing.
Why, I wonder, is it so fashionalble to answer everything with "no problem", instead of just a yes, ok, alright or similar expession. It really irritates me to hear that reply to everything, and more and more people are doing it.
Where does it come from? Is it another Americanism got into this country? We can do without it if so. We have a good English language without needing to resort to using such senseless expressions.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Number plate

Wouldn`t it be good if you could design number plates for you own car.
Well here`s mine.

Here`s where to make a number plate for yours

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ten Favourites

Thought I`d share today some of my top ten favourites:

Looking at a beautiful sunset,
Walking along a deserted beach,
Sitting on my own with a book,
Listening to the sounds of a bird singing,
Walking along a cliff top,
Seeing the beauty of flowers,
Having the house to myself,
Listening to a good sermon,
A drive in my car,

And my favourite 10 foods:

Fish & chips,
Ginger treacle steamed pudding,
Roast chicken,
Chocolate orange trifle,
Goose dripping on toast,
Omelette and chips,
Roast beef &
Yorkshire puddings,
Orange flan,
Apple pie & icecream.

(not exactly a `healthy` diet is it?! but it suits me!)

Wonder what others would list as their 10 favourites.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A week on....

It`s a week ago since I wrote my new year resolutions and posted them on here.

There`s one that I`ve failed to keep so far, and that is to write this blog earlier in the day. I really must aim to do better next week with that one. Just so long as I get the inspiration on what to write, that`s all I need!

The others I`m not doing too badly on at the moment. I`ve been walking to work instead of taking the car, so I class that as having more exercise! My workroom here has been tidied and papers filed and I aim to keep it that way. Some of the others I need to do more work on, but at least I`ve not broken them.....yet!

Next review in about a month.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Blogging is good for me. Having kept a blog daily for just over a year now, I realise how good it is for me.
Not only does it allow me a place where I can say what`s on my mind, sometimes thoughts and feelings that I wouldn`t necessarily want to talk about to people, but which I feel the need to share. But more so because I`ve realised that it`s actually helping my use of words.

That thought came to me yesterday after I`d posted yesterdays entry. A few month ago I would have just used the words bits & pieces or odds and ends, instead I found that I`d used the word paraphernalia. Alright, I must admit, I doubt I`d use that in conversation with others for fear of being thought `above them`, but writing on here has made me stop and think and try to find more accurate words for what I want to say. Although probably my grammar, English and punctuation aren`t too good, I hopefully make it more interesting reading too. I know I certainly now enjoy trying to find the right descriptive words instead of the common ones. So, I suppose you could call blogging an educational exercise?

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Well, everywhere now looks very bare. I`ve just taken down the Christmas tree, window lights, cards and all the other paraphernalia of Christmas decorations, and how bare everywhere looks. Strange isn`t it, that although these things are only in place for two or three weeks, they become so part of the house that one misses them so much when they are removed.

Yet, on the other hand, for the start of a new year, it seems right to have everything put away, clean and tidy for a new start, a clean start. Well, apart from the cobwebs that now show up now that the ornaments have come down. Must get the feather duster out tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sayings (4)

Having written a while ago about sayings, and not being able to think of anything else to write today here`s one that seems appropriate at the moment.

"Days lengthen, cold strengthen".

It does seem, that since we passed the shortest day, and therefore the days and evenings should be getting that bit lighter, that the weather turns cold and snow falls.
Is there really a link between the length of days and the temperatures? Or is that saying just an old wives tale?!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cold Feet?

“My feet are cold”….
... It looked to me as if this duck could be saying that in the photo that I took of some ducks on the local village duck pond that we`d been feeding yesterday. There was a large sheet of ice still on the pond despite the fact that the sun was shining brightly. And after being fed we noticed several of the ducks swim out and stand on the ice, most were busy preening their feathers, but this one kept lifting his (or her) feet up!

It made me wonder too what they thought about suddenly being able to walk on water!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Verse for the New Year

As we start a new year, here is a verse – well I suppose a verse, don`t know what else to call it – that I`m going to concentrate more on. I don`t know where it comes from, but it`s something that I have found sometimes comes into my mind and goes round and round, at times when perhaps I`m feeling uncertain, or driving to somewhere strange, or just “in need”. So it`s become quite an important one to me, it`s comforting and strengthening..

The Lord is here
The Lord is there
The Lord is with me everywhere

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions.

To have more patience with my parent

To make more time for myself

To make more time to pray and read my bible

To complete a needlework picture I started a few years ago

To be more organised

To keep things tidier

To have more exercise

To try and talk more to people, to try and make friends

To overcome the nerves I get at times about going anywhere

To find time and space to sit and read

To write my Blog earlier in the day

Having started writing this list of new year resolutions, (and it`s several years since I did make any resolutions) it came to me that maybe they`re not really all resolutions but some are ways in which I know and feel that I badly need to change. But yet, what really is a resolution? I looked it up in the dictionary and found – firm intention; great determination; - so maybe these are resolutions then.

Can I keep them though! Readers will have to keep nudging me on them!

I Wish a Happy New Year and good health to everyone who reads this.