Monday, July 31, 2006

A Beautiful Dome

I went for a walk yesterday evening, along by a creek. It was beautiful, the sun was out but a nice breeze kept it from being too hot. There were only very few people about and it was so peaceful.

Getting quite a way along and coming to an end of the path I stood on a kind of beach area totally alone, and just took in the wonder of all about me. It was just flat marsh land, creeks and inlets, and openness. So much space and quietness.

The sun went slightly behind a cloud causing me to look up at the sky, and I am so glad I did. I just stood and looked and looked. There were a few clouds, mostly fluffy white ones, and but one or two others in shades of grey. But the sky seemed to have a special quality about it, the blues and turquoise were so translucent, and I got a great sense of the shape of a dome covering me, and all round me, as I could see the sky touching flat land all round which ever way I turned. (In some ways it made me feel as if I was in one of those snow-storm dome ornaments) I felt totally covered and secure beneath this beautiful dome. It had me mesmerised as I stood there, just looking and taking it all in.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Church Attendance

They say Church attendances are dropping, and going by the service I attended this morning, I can easily see why. I felt sorry for any one who might have decided to come to the church for the first time today, I know if it had been me, I wouldn`t have gone again.

The preacher was an elderly gentleman, obviously a scientist, because what we had was a science lesson. At the start he instructed us that we were not to let our minds wander, nor to appear to close our eyes that he would be watching us.

There was not one, not two but three sermons within the service! And, I`m sure his watch kept different time to ours! The three ’talks’/sermons would be not more that 25 minutes altogether he said, - his maths are obviously different to mine - the first sermon was 20 minutes, the second 15 minutes and the last one almost 15 minutes - to my reckoning that makes a total of 50 minutes. The traditional hour long service went on for an hour and a quarter, but seemed more like two hours. Maybe its that I`m not scientifically minded, but after the first five minutes, I was totally lost on what he was talking about, and yes, my mind wandered for the rest of the time.

But, it really made me think - what does that sort of thing say to anyone unused to going to church?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Peter Pan

Well, as promised yesterday, here is a photo of some of the flower festival which I went to see yesterday. This one particularly caught my attentiong with the way the crocodile had been made from pieces of conifer, and oranges and cherries for its eyes. What original and clever ideas people do have.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Festival visiting

I`ve been to see another Flower Festival this afternoon, it was at a village church, and was very good. A nice welcome was given by the people on duty at the door, along with a free programme. (Different to the one I went to a few weeks ago where we were charged £3 for a tiny admission programme). This one was all on the theme of Pantomimes. I took several photos so may post one tomorrow, once I`ve downloaded them from my camera to the computer. It always interests me at these events as to how people manage to find just the right accessories to go with their arrangements. For instance on the Cinderella one, who would have a glass slipper to use... but there was a perfect one on the arrangement. It`s attention to detail like this that makes for such a good effect and shows the time and care taken over getting everything right.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Water, water everywhere

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Well, I don`t know where that quite familiar saying comes from, but that was very much the feeling where I was earlier today. I wonder what the origin of that saying is?

Having been out for an afternoon shopping, we drove back and became aware that there must have been a shower of rain, as the road became wet and we saw puddles along the verges. The nearer to home we got the larger the puddles seemed to get, and sand and stones, shingle also became apparent. There must have been a heavy shower we said to one another, - but little did we realise just how heavy a shower we had missed witnessing.

Having delivered a friend and our shopping safely home, I proceeded on to a friends house that I was keeping an eye on this week. Approaching it, I discovered an extremely large area of water lying on the adjoining car park, and around the gate area. No access that way, so I went via the driveway, paddled through the water lying over the path, which fortunately wasn`t as deep as by the gate. As I approached the door, I passed lots of broken bits of shrubs and leaves, a chunk of wood, which once was by the gate, and a trough of plants, which had once been by the front door, was now by the side door - obviously swept there by the water which had flooded around the house.

On entering, at first, all seemed in order, but then, going to pick up the mail, I discovered that it was absolutely saturated with water. Yes, the water had gone into the porch. On to the study, and horror - on my way I found a patch of wet carpet in the middle of the house. Now that was a bit of a mystery, is the roof leaking? I climbed on a chair and felt the ceiling above the wet patch, but no, the ceiling thankfully was bone dry. On feeling the carpet it became obvious that somehow the water was seeping up from below. Then, worse still, on entering the study I saw immediately that the carpet was wet. The darker wet part could clearly been seen covering over half of the room from the window. I hurriedly moved all that I could to drier parts of the room.

Looking out of the window at the back garden, I was astonished to see that the garden had turned into a swimming pool! Not though that anyone would want to swim in the muddy water which was about a foot deep. Still, at least it had watered the very dry garden!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Frustration computing

They say computers have minds of their own - and I think I believe them !

Mine has made me really frustrated today. I did a largish typing job yesterday, using Publisher, which I normally use, and kept frequently Saving my work. I printed off a copy and it all printed out fine, so I closed the file in the normal way, again saving the work.

So, why when I open the file this morning, has it not saved any of the work? I needed to alter a couple of things after a friend had proof read the work for me, but it`s not there. What happened? its a mystery to me.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bird Watching

I was watching some starlings outside the other day. They certainly have brains!

There were three of them, and one had a piece of bread or food of some kind in his beak, naturally the other two birds wanted it too, and everywhere that he went to try and get away from them, they followed him. The poor thing couldn`t put the food down to eat, because as soon as he did the other two were there trying to snatch it away from him. They must have been frustrated too, I suppose that they could see food and couldn`t get it. Anyway, one of them began to lose interest and went a bit further away, but it was the other one, that caught my attention.

He (or she!) seemed to think of a new way to get the food from the first bird. He stood and turned away from the one with the food, so then the one with the food, thinking they`d left him alone dropped the bread onto the path and as soon as he did so, the other bird suddenly made a rush for it, so again the first bird picked it up. The second bird then again stood and turned his back on the first one, as if to say, ok you have it…. But as soon as the other one put the food down to eat, the other one made a run to grab it. The first couple of times I didn`t really think much about it, but the bird did this a dozen times or more. So, it was obviously a deliberate ploy on his part, to fool the first bird. I don`t think the first one was a sharp as the second one, because he never seemed to twig what was going on!

It was really amusing to watch, and made me realise how birds can use their brains.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I recently came across what looked as if it might be an interesting book, it was on a bookstall at something I was at recently. It`s very rarely that I look at bookstalls, and even rarer that I purchase anything from them. But something made me stop and look, and amongst all the tables full of books this one caught my eye, so I decided to buy it.

This afternoon I`ve been sitting out in the garden reading it, and to my delight I found, amongst memories and experiences told by other old fisherment that I knew, (who have died since the book was written) that my great-grandad was mentioned two or three times.

It was so interesting to read of the life that they lived, to realise just how much hardship they did live through, and to realise what great characters they were. Their bravery in manning the lifeboats without thought for their own safety, and even when crab fishing how they "looked out" for one another when it blew up rough to make sure everyone of them got safely ashore. Although sadly, despite their concern for each other, that wasn`t always what happened, many did tragically lose their lives, trying to make their livelihood and living from the sea.

Thankfully my great-grandad did survive it, as did my grandad - but sadly both died before I was old enough to know them, and to hear about their lifes.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Green or Brown

Looking out of the window at our garden this week, it looks a sorry state, the lawn is brown instead of green. Yet looking closer I could see some bits of green. On closer investigation - going outside - walking over the turf the ground felt as hard as iron, not a bit springy how grass should - I found that the areas of green I could see, weren`t grass at all, they were weeds. So, how is it that although the grass in the heat goes brown the weeds don`t?! Is there no way of killing them off.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Breaking eggs

So, why did I break all those eggs? (yesterday`s posting) Well, I went to the fridge yesterday afternoon and all I could see in there were boxes upon boxes of eggs.... we have a man who brings us half a dozen eggs each week, but with having had two weeks holiday and not so many hot meals with the hot weather, the cartons of eggs had just got put in the fridge. And, sitting there on the shelves looking at me, were 26 eggs!

Now, there`s only two of us in the house, so we couldn`t eat them all as omelettes, fried, boiled or scrambled without having them meal after meal after meal, so I decided something had to be done with them. Out came the mixing bowl, food mixer and cake tins and I had a baking session. Something I used to love doing but haven`t done for a long time.

So now, instead of eggs sitting in the fridge, there`s sponge cakes, buns and sponge flans sitting in the freezer! As well a cherry buns and a sponge being eaten.

(Guess some of them could come in useful for the cricket club!)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Smashing Time

I`ve had a smashing time today! I`ve broken 15 eggs.

Now, you`re probably thinking, what a clumsy person she is, but let me hasten to add, I didn`t drop them, nor did I knock a pile of them over in a shop, I didn`t throw them at anything or anyone. I didn`t make scrambled egg for a party with them, so what did I do with them?.....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thanksgiving service.

I`ve just attended a very beautiful, uplifting, thankful service for the life of a lady who has died. The service was like no other of its kind that I have been to for the atmosphere and the brightness and praise. (thankfully I`ve not been to too many, but seem to have attended more this year than ever in my life - maybe its my age catching up with me!).

The church was packed to bursting point with people and children of all ages. Lovely and moving tributes were given about the person, and I admired the courage of those who stood up to speak about a person they`d loved so much. But, what I really found made the most impression on me was during the singing of one of the hymns.

The organist really got all the hymns going with a good tempo and the volume of singing was terrific, but on this one verse in particular of the hymn Love Divine, where it says "changed from glory into glory, till in heaven we take our place, till we cast our crowns before thee, lost in wonder, love and praise", there was to me such a crescendo of music and voice that it seemed as if heaven and earth were actually joined at that moment. It`s something very difficult to describe and put into words, but it was to me an intense sensation and very strong feeling, whether anyone else there felt the same, I don`t know, but it certainly seemed to touch me, and is something I shall never forget.

Something else that that service made me think and realise, is that when I die I don`t want people to be sad, but that I would want a service of praise of that kind, and not a sad type service.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Card hunting

It must be the heat.... but I can`t think what to write about again today. I could tell you about my chase around the shops in our town to buy a simple item, but would that really make intereting reading?

Assuming you`ve said yes!...
I was doing a simple photocopying job today of something that just had to be done ready for tomorrow, and I miscounted the sheets of coloured card that I`d got in the pack. Why do manufacturers confuse us by only putting 250 sheets of card in a ream, whereas paper has 500 sheets? Anyway, finding I`d only got half what I needed to do the job, thought, that`s no problem I`ll walk into the town and get another ream, either of 2 colours would be suitable.

So, off I went in the hot sun, straight to the stationery shop, searched the shelves, couldn`t find what I wanted, so next step, ask an assistant. Oh, no,we don`t use that much now, I don`t think we`ve got any, she helpfully said, but did then go and search all the shelves for me. I explained the desparate need I`d got for it, and she went and looked in their office as she said she knew they`d got a few sheets there, may be just enough for my need. Back she came, yes the colour was right, but - it was paper, not card.

So, off I went to another likely shop. Same process, searched the shelves, found an assistant, and was told, no we don`t have reams of card, we just buy a big pack of mixed colours and sell it at separate sheets, (these I discovered were 30p each),that was no good for my need of at least 100 sheets. She suggested I try a local discount type shop, off I went to the other end of the town. No they didn`t sell it, so the next thing was to walk home again and search out what odds and ends I`d got that might be possible if not the same colour, then walk back again in the still sweltering sun to where the machine was.
By the time I got there it was a good hour since I`d set out, and I was melting!
We then found a few more sheets of different coloured card there, and between the lot, I managed to get the job done.

But who would have thought it could be so difficult to buy a ream of thin card.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Typing words

I`ve just been typing out some words of hymns onto a sheet, and I`ve found myself really reading what they say and getting far more meaning into them, then when I sing them. Strange isn`t it?

I suppose though when one is singing them, especially when they are well known ones with well known tunes, it almost seems as if you do it in auto-pilot. Although, having said that, sometimes a sentence or phrase within them will suddenly strike a chord, or become apparent and show me something that I hadn`t noticed about it before.
But,I think to type words out is a very good exercise. Even better (to me anyway), than just reading the words and verses, because even doing that the tunes seem to pop into my head and take the words along with them.

It`s not the first time that I`ve noticed this happening, but am I alone in this or does anyone else find the same?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Floral Wedding

I`ve been to another Flower Festival today, this time in the town on Downham Market. It was entitled “Invitation to a Wedding”, and along with all the displays were wedding dresses of ladies who had been married at the church. It was interesting to see the different styles of dresses from the 1930`s up to the 2000`s. But, one thing that I noticed was that surely a wedding is between two people – a man and a woman…. yet there was not one arrangement that had any sign of the man!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Shopping Spree

I`m on holiday this week, so I`ve been on a spending spree today!
Things that have happened recently to people that I knew, have made me realise again, that one has to make the most of what one has, and the life one has, because who knows what tomorrow will hold. So, I decided to spoil myself and go and get something that I`d been toying with the idea of getting for quite a while now.

So today, off I went to a large store on the outskirts of the big city, and after discussions with a very helpful young salesman I made my purchase. What was it?....No, not clothes, or shoes, or anything like that, nor make-up (I `m not one of those women who go in for a lot of that stuff.) I like gadgets!

Sitting in my room now, is a laptop computer, something I`m sure I shall put to good use in the coming weeks, once I get used to not having a mouse to chase around it! But, I`ll still be doing my blogging and bits on this one too, but now I have the opportunity to sit in more comfort too, or even in the summer house!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It`s here

I think I wrote a few weeks ago about my room changing round in my house.... well, today my new bit double bed arrived. So, only a short post tonight, because I now want to go and try it out. What luxury it will be to be able to stretch out and not feel an edge either side.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Day Out

Somehow today, that phrase has taken on a new meaning to me. A day out had always seemed to refer to having a trip out, to going somewhere for a few hours. Well, that was partially true too about today, but it seemed to have a deeper significance of having a day out today.

I set off this morning and went to Sunny Hunny (yes, it`s known as that, but if you`ve never heard it, I`m referring to Hunstanton), and it was sunny, it was a beautiful day. I parked along by a large stretch on grass on the cliffs and walked into the town, had a little wander round, then went and got myself some fish & chips for lunch, I took it back to the car, got my folding chair out and sat there on the grass looking at the sea, eating my plaice and chips. Delicious! Why does food taste better in the open air? The sea was like a mill pond, very blue, smooth and going out leaving a long stretch of golden sand. Having eaten my lunch, I got out my book and settled down to read, and it was just so peaceful sitting there, I could almost have dropped off to sleep!

A walk and an ice-cream later, it came to me, that today had seemed more than a day out at the sea-side, it was a “day out” of a busy life, a time to be me, a real rest from routine. That I had literally taken “a day out of the week” and actually done `nothing`, but had enjoyed it. I wasn`t that many miles from home, yet it seemed a world away. I`d appreciated the good things around me, the sea, the cooling breeze on the cliffs which kept it from being overpoweringly hot, the food, the quietness, the space, but most of all it had been `a day out` in the full sense of the meaning.

Monday, July 10, 2006

One thing leads to another

I`m at the moment surrounded by boxes, stands, plastic baskets, papers, folders, and all sorts of odds and ends, I can barely see the floor in my room, every possible surface has something on it!
After the busy few days of taking part in a large event, I`m now trying to put all my things back into cupboards, but as usual when I start to do something like that, I end up trying to rearrange things and trying to be more organised - but whether I will succeed???! And, one thing leads to another, as I think, well if I move that to another place, I could shift that over there.... and so on..... is it only me or do others do the same I wonder. And, why does there always look to be far more items than will fit in the cupboard, or far more than came out, although there is actually less?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Speedy Holiday

I`ve just had a week of a fortnights holiday, and now I sit here thinking, that this time next week I`ll be thinking of going back to work. Yet, where has that time gone to? I`ve had a thoroughly good and enjoyable week, and look forward to this coming week, but how, I wonder can I make this second of the two weeks last longer?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Touch and see?

Do you see with your fingers? You may think that`s a ridiculous question, but I`ve been intrigued at an event I`ve been to this week, by the way in which people - yes adults, not just children - when viewing displays cannot seem content to just do as they are meant and expected to do, and that is look with their eyes and take in what is before them in that way. Why, oh why do they want to touch? Even delicate flowers seem to draw their fingers to get hold of the petals, but why? - they can see the colour, the shape and texture with their eyes.
Maybe, its because I was brought up to look and not touch, that it both intrigues and annoys me to see others doing this. It`s annoying because it seems to show a lack of respect for someone elses work or property. So, why do people do it?


I`ve been too preoccupied with so much this week that I haven`t been able to think of what to write here. But for all bird lovers, here`s a stunning and unusual peacock that I saw this week.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wonderful World.

If anyone missed me blogging yesterday, it was that I was too tired after a busy day, and tonight I`ve got a painful back, must be all the climbing I did yesterday.
Anyway, here`s a picture of some beautiful flowers that I saw today. Isn`t it a wonderful world that we have such beauty as this all around us, as well as skillful and talented people to arrange the flowers.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pretty pinks

Well, as I said a few weeks ago I`d show you some of my pots of plants, here there are, blooming well.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Night Owl

I seem to have become a night owl lately. Where does the time go to? I always used to be in bed by a reasonable hour and considered myself a morning lark more than a night owl.
I wonder why we use birds for those phrases. Why not bats, or badgers for being up late?
Though perhaps I am `bats` for being up so late, and still up early in the mornings!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

On a hot day

I thought that on a hot day like today, enjoy the cool scene of the sea of the beach

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A beautiful summer`s day

A few weeks ago I had an invitation to go to Sandringham.

So today I went, fortunately I`d already booked the day off work earlier in the year, so it seemed as if it was meant to be, because normally I wouldn`t have a Saturday off.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day, but with just a nice breeze to keep it from being to overpowering. I got there in good time and found a nice spot to park under the shade of a big tree. So I had a bit of a wander around, then waited. After a while my mobile phone rang, and it was my friend to say that her coach was almost there, so we arranged where we`d meet.

Having met her off the coach, we had a bite to eat then got our tickets and went into the beautiful gardens and grounds, and then into Sandringham House. We both straightaway said what a good feeling the building had about it, homely and cared for, and we enjoyed our walk through the rooms that were open to the public. Then we went and looked at the interesting exhibiton of some of the many gifts which the Queen receives on her various visits to places both in this country and abroad - what a wide assortemnt of things there were, from ostrich eggs in beaded covers, to foreign masks, seashells to wooden boxes.

We then walked along by a stream and lake where we found a seat under the shade of a tree and sat and caught up with each others news. Sitting there we heard sounds coming along the shingle path in front of us, and looking up saw horses drawing a trap, several more followed at intervals, all looking in their finest livery. They were a very striking sight in the sunlight. We discovered that there was a Driving Trial taking place, and these were part of it.

Walking futher through the grounds on our way back to the car and coach park we saw some young coots with their mother on the lake along with many geese and ducks, such a lovely sight on the green of the grass lawn. It really was a perfect summers day out, and something I wish I had the time to do more often. We both enjoyed the day and the pleasure of seeing each other again too.