Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time passes

I see its over a fourteen days since I wrote a post.    I suppose that just goes to show how mundane and uneventful my life is.

My birthday came and went last Wednesday, didn`t do anything special to celebrate it.   Worked in the morning, went to see my mother in the afternoon.   I was going to have tea with her, but it snowed so hard there and covered the roads in about and inch in a short time, so I came back home.  And sat by the fire and watched tv in the evening.     No birthday cake.   Infact still no present from mother, as I`ve to take her out shopping to get it and until this weather clears that won`t happen!     I did though have 19 nice birthday cards from different friends, so they`re standing on the mantlepiece and cabinets in the room making the place look nice and bright.    (the cards are standing, not the friends!!)

Other than that, nothing different has occured.   Which, I guess in a way is something to be thankful for.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Feeling sorry for myself

On top of everything else, I`ve now gone down with a cold or virus of some sort, and feel like curling up in a corner and being left alone.  

I should have been going to Norwich today to learn something else to do with my work - I`m now going to have to contact them and say I can`t go.   No way can I drive there sneezing away all the way.    My head is fuzzy and my mind won`t concentrate on anything, so to try and learn something connected with accounts would be absolutely useless.

Why did I have to get this, this week?

Friday, November 12, 2010

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

That expression came into my mind today with how I`m feeling at the moment and have been feeling these last two weeks.   But I think more appropriate to me would be if it said "the flesh is willing but the spirit is weak" !

Since All Saint`s Day (which also would have been my Dad`s birthday),  I don`t know what`s happened to me.  It`s just over 18 years since my Dad died, yet everything seems to have come back so strongly to me these last two weeks, lots of memories, feelings and the sadness of those weeks.   I don`t understand why after all those years I should suddenly feel it so deeply again.

Added to that, I seem to have so many different things to do this week especially, I`ve had two church meetings to attend and related work following them, I`ve had to prepare items for a Christmas sale for tomorrow.  As well as my Work work and all the things I normally do in a week, including visits to my mother - all of which take time.

I`ve started jobs, very half-heartedly, put them down, tried to do something else then thought of something else I should have done, so left that and done something else.  I`ve just got no enthusiasm or drive to do things, not even tne normal things that I would do.  The house looks a tip I`ve got different bits of paper and things in all rooms, from when I`ve started something and put it down.    I feel quite down and stressed about things. - and that`s not like me.  I`m not sleeping well either so that doesn`t help.

So, although my arms and legs work ok, it`s the spirit to do the things that is lacking.  I feel snowed under with everything.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dramatic sky

I love sunsets - and this one last night just made me get my camera out.

Just wished the telephone wires didn`t get in the way!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

It`s In !

Yes, finally my kitchen window has been sorted out and I`ve a brand new window.  A full pane of glass to see out of, without the monstrosity of a big square white fan in the the top quarter of it.    The kitchen is so much lighter and brighter now.

All, I have to do now is wait for the bill ! - but the chaps (and they are ones I trust) tell me that the cost of the window will be cheaper than the cost of a new fan in it would have been.   That sounds amazing to me.