Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It`s my birthday today, and last night I had a lovely and very unexpected visit from our minister - bringing me a beautiful bunch of pink and white flowers and cards for my birthday, signed by lots of the church members.  It really made my evening.   It was such a total surprise.

My mum has bought me a nice new flat screen television to replace my old style heavy clumsy one in my living room and that arrived yesterday afternoon.  It wasn`t a surprise gift in the way that the flowers were, as I`d gone and chosen and ordered it, but I`m delighted with it, and it`s made the room which I had decorated earlier this year, now look really nice and modern.   And what a difference it makes now looking at a 22inch wide screen as against my old 14 inch square one. 

So, I wait now to see how many cards the postman may drop through my letter box later today. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flowery me

For want of something to do today, I idly tried this "What flower are you" and came up with this result.

I am a

"When your friends think smile, they think of you. There is not a day that goes by that you can't find something good about the world and your fellow human."

I`m not sure how true that is.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bird feeding


I had some bread to spare, the sun was shining this afternoon, so I got into car and drove a few miles along the coast to feed some ducks. And, ofcourse took my camera to try and get some interesting shots.

As you can see, as well as the ducks I had the seagulls flocking in.   It`s amazing how they seem to know when there`s food about, even if they`re nowhere in sight to start with.   Guess they must post one as a lookout somewhere! 

I even got the seagulls flying to take bread out of my hand before I`d had a chance to throw it to them.  Just wish I`d had someone else with me who could have taken a photo of that.   I found it difficult trying to use a camera with one hand and feed them with the other!

And, out of all the photos I took, this one (although it could have been a bit sharper) is my favourite.  It appears that one is giving another a piggy-back!    [click on it to get a full size one]

Monday, November 16, 2009

Free texts etc.

I`m always annoyed by all these adverts on the television and in newspapers and magazines that keep advertising "free texts" or "free internet" etc on mobile phones.


Not because I want them and can`t get them, but because how can something that you have to pay so much a month for regularly be "free"?!!!   

Monday, November 09, 2009

Blogger bugs?

I think some of these bloggers have been passing their bugs on...... 
I`m sitting here this morning, having had to take a day off work, sneezing my head off, with a sore throat, having hot turns, and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Still, I shouldn`t complain really, it`s over a year since I had a cold, or flu or whatever it is, I just could have done without it this week, when I`ve things I need to do.

I rang my boss earlier this morning to say I wouldn`t be able to be in.  He said he could hear that I was `bunged up`, and asked if there was anything I needed, as he would get it and drop it in for me, or if I thought of anything during the day that I needed to give him a ring.    I thought that was really kind and considerate of him.    Wonder how many other bosses would do that?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Confusing offer

I`m confused!   Ok, I know it doesn`t take a lot to do that - but I saw this coupon in a magazine and can`t quite puzzle it out..........  if something has £1 off, how is it a saving of 95p only?   Any suggestions?

Sunday, November 01, 2009

All Saints Day

Today is All Saint`s Day, and, it`s also the day which is/was my Dad`s birthday.

Our church holds a Special service most years on or around All Saint`s Day, as a time of remembering our loved ones who have died.   So, today with both dates falling on the Sunday I found it a very significant time.

 As we all arrived this evening we were given a stone.  The service was based on an Iona style one, and had lots of periods of quiet when we could think about our loved ones and remember them.   I found this year that I was remembering lots of the happy times, times of things I had shared doing with my Dad, rather than thinking about his illness and the last few months of his life.  I had taken with me a small photo of him, which I put inside my hymn book - the book which was his and which his hands had held so many times.  He has somehow felt quite close to me today.

During the service we brought our stones to the front and placed them in front of the cross to make a cairn and later tea-lights were placed amongst and on the stones.   These we then came forward and lit in remembrance of our loved ones.    It was a very moving and meaningful service.