Monday, November 09, 2009

Blogger bugs?

I think some of these bloggers have been passing their bugs on...... 
I`m sitting here this morning, having had to take a day off work, sneezing my head off, with a sore throat, having hot turns, and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Still, I shouldn`t complain really, it`s over a year since I had a cold, or flu or whatever it is, I just could have done without it this week, when I`ve things I need to do.

I rang my boss earlier this morning to say I wouldn`t be able to be in.  He said he could hear that I was `bunged up`, and asked if there was anything I needed, as he would get it and drop it in for me, or if I thought of anything during the day that I needed to give him a ring.    I thought that was really kind and considerate of him.    Wonder how many other bosses would do that?


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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eija said...

Well my boss wouldn't that's for sure - and it's not just because he lives in another city. Besides - I wouldn't want him behind my door anyway :D

Poor you - get well soon!

Oh, and you have new curtains here! I've been only reading via the reader so haven't seen your new layout. Sweet colours, I like the blue :)