Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It`s my birthday today, and last night I had a lovely and very unexpected visit from our minister - bringing me a beautiful bunch of pink and white flowers and cards for my birthday, signed by lots of the church members.  It really made my evening.   It was such a total surprise.

My mum has bought me a nice new flat screen television to replace my old style heavy clumsy one in my living room and that arrived yesterday afternoon.  It wasn`t a surprise gift in the way that the flowers were, as I`d gone and chosen and ordered it, but I`m delighted with it, and it`s made the room which I had decorated earlier this year, now look really nice and modern.   And what a difference it makes now looking at a 22inch wide screen as against my old 14 inch square one. 

So, I wait now to see how many cards the postman may drop through my letter box later today. 


eija said...

Aww... I've been too busy to read any blogs so I didn't see this until today :( However:

Happy Birthday!

Hoping it was a great one :)

I LOVE YOU said...


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