Monday, November 16, 2009

Free texts etc.

I`m always annoyed by all these adverts on the television and in newspapers and magazines that keep advertising "free texts" or "free internet" etc on mobile phones.


Not because I want them and can`t get them, but because how can something that you have to pay so much a month for regularly be "free"?!!!   


Z said...

Ooh, I'm always muttering "no extra charge, it's not free."

eija said...

Haha... The phone marketers keep calling and telling they have a "gift" for me for having been such a loyal customer. Well the loyalness alone sounds weird since I really don't subscribe to magazines... but I always tell them no thanks, because "receiving that gift will cost me anyway". Usually that confuses them totally :D

I know, I'm bad. They're just doing their jobs. I'm sure if I believed in re-incarnation in my next life I'd be a telephone marketer, just for a punishment!