Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Where`s my Tea?"

"Where`s my Tea?"

I thought when I got up this morning that the pigeons had gone, they were nowhere to be seen in the garden.... but then at dinnertime they were back, plodding round the corner of the garden by the house, and eagerly came to eat seeds from my hands again when I went out into the garden to see them after dinner.

Then, at tea time when I was in the kitchen getting tea, and D was laying the table, they were out there again. Looking up from my cooking I saw that one of them was standing looking up at the kitchen window. Next thing I knew he (or she) had flown up and was sitting on the kitchen window sill looking in at us! and, not content to just sit and look it kept jumping flapping its wings against the window trying to get in.

D went out with some bread for them, and they came to his hand, but finding it was just bread they pecked at it without eating it - they wanted something better than bread! I went out and gave D some sunflower seeds which he held down to them and they soon greedily scoffed them from his hand.

So, they`ve not left us yet.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pigeon Post

The pigeons are still with me, As soon as I went out into the garden this afternoon and stooped down they came to me... so I just had to come in and get some sunflower seeds for them. And, this is what happened....and they both came and stood eating out of my hand.

So then I came indoors and tried to find who to ring to report that they were here. First I looked in the phone book, nothing under pigeon racing, homing or other such words, so I tried the RSPCA found a number and rang it, but again without a lot of success as the nearest one that I rang only works a few hours on certain days, according to the recorded message, and today wasn`t one of them!

I then searched the web for Pigeon racing/homing, but on not finding anything useful, tried searching for the Rspca and at last found a contact number for Kings Lynn, so I rang them. There, the girl answering the phone was very helpful and she gave me a number of the pigeon racing club to ring.... I rang them. The young lady there was also fairly helpful. I had got the number off one of the birds leg rings, so on giving her that and she found it almost straight away as belonging to someone in Leeds! I couldn`t read all the other ones number so we couldn`t search that one. She then gave me the phone number of the person the first one belonged to for me to contact them. I said, don`t you get in touch with them, but she said no, I had to! I`ve now rung that number and left a message as it was an answer machine! So, I await them ringing me.

We`ll see what the next installment is tomorrow!
Unless ofcourse the birds have flown off before then!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The tale of a pigeon

Looking out on to our garden though the rivulets of rain running down the window on Saturday, I spotted a pigeon in the garden. Nothing very unusual about that you may think, and at first neither did I. But yet, it looked different to the wild ones we sometimes get, it`s plumage had a different colouring and appearance. Then I noticed, as it plodded (yes, it`s quite fat, so seems to waddle and plod around), that it had rings on both it`s legs. So we assumed it must be a homing or racing pigeon and that it would soon fly off again.

Next morning, on looking out again through the wind and rain, it was still there - but, now there were two of them and they had almost identical plumage. No, we weren`t seeing double! One had a yellow ring on one leg and a pink ring on the other while the other one had a yellow ring on one leg, but a blue ring on the other. Wonder if it`s a blue one for a boy and pink for a girl?!

It`s now four days since they appeared, and they`re still staying around our garden. Maybe because it`s rained constantly for four days they don`t want to fly in the rain?, are they homing pigeons that have lost their way home with the wind and weather this weekend? are they "on holiday"?

They both seem to keep together and keep pecking about in the gravel by the window and looking at the window. So this afternoon, when it had at last stopped raining, I went out with some sunflower seeds, thinking they`d probably fly off when I approached, but no, one of them, now up on the shed roof, put it`s head on one side and look curiously and enquiringing at me. So pouring some of the seeds into the palm of my hand I held it up towards the pigeon. Taking a tentative step or two towards my hand he (or she) then stretched its neck and started pecking the seeds from my hand. Having eaten one handful, I offer it another one which it immediately came to eat and this time came so near that I could feel the silkyness of its breast feathers brushing against my hand as it ate. A lovely moment. To think that I could get so close to it, and that it trusted me to not harm it. It also confirmed my thoughts that it wasn`t a wild bird, but must be used to being close to people.

Managing to get close to them, I managed to see that on the rings on their legs were numbers, but now the problem is, what to do about them. Someone, somewhere is no doubt missing them and waiting for them to come home. Maybe, hopefully, now that they`ve rested, been fed and the weather has improved they`ll find their way home again.

Friday, May 25, 2007

7 Things about Me

Lorna has tagged me to do this. So here are 7 things you`ve always wanted to know about me! (but I don`t think I can find seven people to tag to continue it, sorry Lorna)
The rules are: People who are tagged start by thinking about 7 random facts/habits about themselves. Each player then must write about those seven things on their blog, as well as include these rules. Players then need to choose 7 people to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave each person a comment telling them they’ve been tagged.

1. I can`t sit and do nothing. (well not very often) Like now, although I`m sitting down in an easy chair, my laptop`s on my lap, and I`m typing away. If I have the television on to watch, my hands are usually busy with some cross-stitch work or craft work at the same time. I often think I`d love to be able to sit and do nothing for a couple of hours sometimes, but I never end up doing it.

2. I live by the seaside. But I can`t swim! In one of my drawers though, I`ve got a certificate for swimming at the Primary School I went to - but how I got it I`ll never know, because I never went in the pool ! They must have just issued them to everyone in the class. Just goes to show that all these certificates and bits of paper we have, don`t necessarily mean a thing, do they?!

3. One of my habits, is if I`m given presents, birthday, Christmas or whenever, I always try to unwrap them without tearing the paper. However hard the sellotape it stuck down, I persist in finding the edge to peel it gently off so as not to rip the paper. I think that probably stems back to when as a little child, I was made to open them like that at Christmas, instead of rushing into them all.

4. I`ve not got any brothers or sisters. How I wish so often that I had. To have someone to share things with.

5. I collect thimbles. I`ve got over 350 of them, all shapes and sizes. Although most are made of china, I`ve also got wood, glass, plastic, metal and other ones. To look at them gives me memories of places I`ve been, and of people who have brought one to give to me. I`ll perhaps show you some on a blog post in the future.

6. I`ve never had long hair. As a youngster I used to look at others who had lovely long hair and wish mine was like it, but I was never allowed to grow it any longer than just above shoulder length.

7. A bad habit of mine, is now to spend too long into the late evening on my computer! I used to go to bed at a reasonable hour, now I find, I get on the computer and the hours just go, and often before I realise it, it`s a lot later than I think.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Just one more holiday photo to share with you, and that`s this one - a statue of a man of great talent.

The bronze statue is of cours of Eric Morecambe. It`s just a bit larger than lifesize and depicts him in one of his characteristic poses, and with a pair of binoculars hanging around his neck for he was a keen ornithologist.

It was interesting to see that his famous song 'Bring Me Sunshine' was engraved on the steps leading to the statue, and in the space around the base there are granite circles and stars adorned with one liners and the names of celebrities who had appeared on the Morecambe and Wise show through the years - what a lot of different people there were.

It brought memories of happy hours watching that tv programme, especially the Christmas specials which they used to do. Why don`t the tv people make good programmes like that any more?!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Follow the leader?

Another scene from a walk on my recent holiday.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A White covering

Walking though a park last week, we saw ahead of us a large white patch by the lake, it looked like snow, but this was in May and the sun was shining quite warmly, so we walked closer to see what it was. One first though was that it was blossom which had blown off the nearby trees, but as we got closer we discovered what it really was.... hundreds and thousands of daisies. A really beautiful sight.

(I would have shared this with you last week, but forgot to take the lead to connect my camera to the lap top. The one thing out of all the luggage that I took with me that I omited to pack!!)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Travelling Light?!

Well, my holiday is over, it`s a good job I didn`t have to travel by train or coach though....I`ve just unloaded all my luggage -
a largish suitcase,
a large canvas bag,
a medium holdall,
my laptop computer case,
a large shopping bag,
3 carrier bags,
a coat
and two jackets!

And, everything in them seemed `essential`, or like the coats `just incase` because at this time of year it`s difficult to know what to take to wear for what the weather may be like. And, ofcourse one always buys things too when away!

Makes me wonder what I did before I had a car.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well worth it!

I`ll answer my own question...
YES it was definitely worth the hassle of trying to get away on holiday. I feel so totally different in just a couple of days, totally relaxed and at ease. More relaxed than I`ve felt ever since I was last here.

Is it just the change of air? I don`t think it`s totally that - There`s no rush about anything, I don`t get up till about 2 hours later than my normal time (but also don`t go to bed as early!) just starting the day gently seems to have an effect on the whole day. And, no feeling of responsibility for my elderly parent, just being able to be ME. And the great company of my friends.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I`m here

The sun`s still shining.
I had a good journey to my holiday destination yesterday, only went round one roundabout twice!, and that was only because half the sign board was broken off, so rather than risk taking the wrong exit, I went round again to see all the other boards to make sure it was the one I wanted. I did the journey in 6 hours, including a couple of breaks for refreshments, so that`s an hour quicker than previously.

Today I`ve had a beautiful walk in a park, listened to birds singing, enjoyed the sight of the fresh green of the grass and tree and the blossom on them. Lovely.

(My internet connection is a bit weak here, so hope this post publishes ok)

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Hurray!... the sun`s shining this morning.
What a difference it makes to how I feel about things.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


To go or not to go - that is my dilemna this morning.
I should be going away on holiday tomorrow - but should I go or not? I`m getting so much uncomfortable feeling from my parent about it, not only in words but in her attitude, and I`m beginning to feel unwell. Yet I think that its only the way her attitude is playing on my nerves that`s making my body out of sorts, but is it. Did I ought to go if I`m not feeling 100%? Or is it her `winning` if I don`t go, by making me feel like this.
My minds going round circles this morning.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Is it worth it?

Are holidays really worth while? For days beforehand, there always seems to be so many jobs that must be done; items that must be tidied away; things started that need completing; people to be trained at work to do my job while I`m away, and so it goes on, and that`s all on top of the emotional pressure being put on me not to go.

I really do wonder, is it worth it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Name that Road

Is it only me that gets infuriated when I can`t see a road name, because the boards facing the same way that I`m going instead of facing the way I`m coming?

Do town planners, or whoever is responsible for putting up road and street name signs in towns, cities and villages, assume that people will always only be coming from one direction towards the road, so they only need to put a board at one side of the road? And often, only at one end of the road - usually to opposite end to where one needs to see it.

And, why can`t even the ones that face the right way be at a resonable height to read? Some are high up on buildings, others very low down on walls. Ok, I agree it`s not too bad when one is walking and can turn round to read a board, but when driving....

Sunday, May 06, 2007

What`s the equivalant value?

Writing about the old account books that I`d been reading, I got to pondering, what would those figures actually be the equivalant of today? For instance hiring a horse for 5/- was that expensive or not in the 1890`s

We often when looking back think about things, that didn`t cost much then, look at how much we pay for it today... and I hear many people when shopping saying that. But I always say to them when they pass that comment to me.... Yes, but what was the average wage then, how does it compare to that.

Does anyone know of a website, or place where one can find such comparisons? Even going back to the late 1800`s early 1900`s, as I`d like to try and compare some of the items I was looking at the other day. I`ve tried a quick search on Google, but not found anything useful. I`m sure there must be something `out there`, I can`t be the only one to wonder such things.... or can I?!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Money Shortage!

I`ve had an interesting morning reading through some very old church account books, from the late 1800`s to the early 1900`s, and what fascinating and at time amusing reading it became.

Reading the expenses, there was firstly "horse hire", then "horse and trap hire", followed by "cycle expenses", "railway travel expense" and finally "motor hire". Makes one realise how things have changed so much. And coal, logs and gas mantles were also on the expenditure. Wonder what people in 100 years time will be thinking about the things we use today.

But, I think the thing that really struck me as, at first as amusing to read, but then as one took in the reality and seriousness of it, was that in the quarterly Accounts for several quarters (3 months) of the year, the income was sigificantly less than the expenses - and at the end of the expenses column it showed that the shortfall would be paid to the Minister/s in due course! In other words that they couldn`t pay him his full salary as the income was insufficient !

I wonder what would happen if we today told our ministers we couldn`t do that??!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

They`re growing!

Having posted a picture of some seedlings starting to grow the other week, here`s an update of how well they`re doing. The one at the back is a sweet-pea, so I await to see what colour it will turn out to be, and the one in the foreground I think is a sunflower.

I shall though, soon have to transplant them into their own pots or they`ll outgrow where they are.

My windowsill, as you can see below, is now my seed nursery!