Wednesday, May 02, 2007

They`re growing!

Having posted a picture of some seedlings starting to grow the other week, here`s an update of how well they`re doing. The one at the back is a sweet-pea, so I await to see what colour it will turn out to be, and the one in the foreground I think is a sunflower.

I shall though, soon have to transplant them into their own pots or they`ll outgrow where they are.

My windowsill, as you can see below, is now my seed nursery!


Lorna said...

Quick look - these look like prunes with seedlings sprouting!

Ivy said...

Yes, they do look odd don`t they?... - I`ve never used them before, but saw these little flat brown things in a garden centre, you just water them and they "grow" into these little peat pots to take single seeds. So thought I`d have a go.