Sunday, May 06, 2007

What`s the equivalant value?

Writing about the old account books that I`d been reading, I got to pondering, what would those figures actually be the equivalant of today? For instance hiring a horse for 5/- was that expensive or not in the 1890`s

We often when looking back think about things, that didn`t cost much then, look at how much we pay for it today... and I hear many people when shopping saying that. But I always say to them when they pass that comment to me.... Yes, but what was the average wage then, how does it compare to that.

Does anyone know of a website, or place where one can find such comparisons? Even going back to the late 1800`s early 1900`s, as I`d like to try and compare some of the items I was looking at the other day. I`ve tried a quick search on Google, but not found anything useful. I`m sure there must be something `out there`, I can`t be the only one to wonder such things.... or can I?!

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Lorna (see through faith) said...

It's a good point.

I remember mum complaining that she only got £10 a week housekeeping - but failed to say that that was most of what dad brought home each week. That was in 1960s!

I think 5/- would have been a lot of money!!!