Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Name that Road

Is it only me that gets infuriated when I can`t see a road name, because the boards facing the same way that I`m going instead of facing the way I`m coming?

Do town planners, or whoever is responsible for putting up road and street name signs in towns, cities and villages, assume that people will always only be coming from one direction towards the road, so they only need to put a board at one side of the road? And often, only at one end of the road - usually to opposite end to where one needs to see it.

And, why can`t even the ones that face the right way be at a resonable height to read? Some are high up on buildings, others very low down on walls. Ok, I agree it`s not too bad when one is walking and can turn round to read a board, but when driving....

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Lorna said...

Helsinki is the worst!

They only label one side of the street (usually) and it's on a smalle sign and so high up .... that the letters look tiny.

grrr I'm with you on this one Ivy