Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Natural beauty

Driving to work this morning - yes, I had to go to another location and not work at home today - I was out of the house by 7.30 a.m. and I am so glad I was - the sight of the morning sky as it became light and the sun came up was wonderful.

I am always fascinated to see, at this time of year, the trees against the skyline.  To see the shapes of the bare branches, the way they intertwine with one another all being part of the one plant. To me there is a real beauty about it, and especially so this morning when the sun was coming up, turning the sky behind them to all shades of apricot and orange, before the golden ball of the sun itself appeared.   It was awesome.    

The forms of the trees today set me thinking of how we are rather like those trees, just one small branch or twig of it yet all dependent on the feeding and nutrients from the trunk - It made me think of God being the root and trunk of the tree and our lives, although interwined with each other and needing each other for support are yet all dependent on the care of God.

Monday, January 02, 2012


I`ve been tossing up whether or not to make any New Year resolutions this year - I`ve done it before on here but, as I guess happens with so many of us, I haven`t manage to keep them for many weeks.

So, instead of making a whole list of them, I think this year, I`m just going to make a couple and see if its easier to keep two than a larger quantity.    Perhaps if I can make 2 a year and stick to them through the year I shall in the end achieve all from the list of previous years.

My resolutions therefore for this year are:

1.  To be more tidy in my house - ie. to put things away when I`ve finished with them, including filing mail as I open it, instead of piling it up to "deal with later".    (Later does come, but how much nicer the room looks when it`s done straight away!)

2.  To post more regularly on my blog, and to resume doing a daily  Counting Blessings Daily  in which I`ll endeavour to post something for which I thank God that day - it may be something seen, heard, something which has made me smile, a photo I`ve taken or.........   who knows!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

It`s Two Thousand and Twelve

It`s Two Thousand and Twelve already - where have those years gone since we were celebrating the Millennium?

Happy New Year
to you All

I wish you - 
good health, happiness and peace in 2012