Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bird watching

Sitting in the car on a cliff top carpark having a picnic tea the other day, I spotted a flash of colour as a small bird sped past the car window and settled on a branch of the straggly bushes infront of it.   I quickly realised that it was a bird I don`t see many of about here, so out came my camera.   It was a goldfinch.  Such pretty little birds.    But, I think quite camera shy, as this one sat facing the sea, so all I could get was sight of the back of him.

 But eventually my patience was rewarded and he turned to look at me

It makes me admire and realise the many, many, many hours of patience and time that the cameramen for nature programmes must spend, to get some of the wonderful pictures and films which they do.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Back again

I guess it`s time I started to keep my blog up again, somehow I got so inundated with jobs both before and after a large Flower Festival that I`ve not had time to post anything - so just to start it off again, here`s a couple of pictures of what kept me so occupied for most of July.

The overall theme was "A World of Colour"

and this is depicting the "The Colour of Stained Glass".