Saturday, October 25, 2008

Autumn time

Well, I found out the mystery of my clock...... we`d had a power cut in the night, so that explains everything. Yet, now having put all the other flashing clocks right yesterday, I realise I`ll have to change them all again tonight when summer-time ends.

Never mind, the sun`s shining and it`s a nice autumn day. I spotted these beautiful berries on a tree the other day and just had to take a picture of them. Not sure what they are, but I just liked the colour against the blue sky.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Problem with Time

I laid in bed a short time ago, listening to the clock radio which had woken me up at the usual time. The young (?) lady doing the programme went on to a regular feature which is included in the format. That`s early this morning, I thought glancing at the time, strange. Still I`ve a bit longer before I need put my feet out and get up.

Very, very shortly after that feature she said, now to the news - but it can`t be I thought looking at the clock part of my clock radio, it only says 6.20, not 6.30. I hurridly put on a light and looked at my watch. Yes it was 6.30. Very strange, I looked back at the clock radio, which had come on at the normal time, but it still said 6.20. I sprang out of bed still trying to puzzle it out.

I`ve reset the clock, so will watch and see what it does today.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Amusing shots

Enjoy another couple of photos from the other day!
A new breed of Crane?? two heads and three legs!

Balancing act!

(and, it`s not camera or editting trickery, the duck really was up there.)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beautiful !

"Follow the leader"

I went to one of my favourite places yesterday afternoon for a leisurely stroll round in the autumn sunshine, and ofcourse took my camera with me. It seemed to be bath day for a lot of the birds as they were all splashing away cleaning and preening their feathers. And, as you`ll see in the last photo, one in particular seemed to want to show himself (or herself!) off, as, as I stood there he/she extended its wings to the full extent - beautiful.

"Having a splashing time!"

"Is the water cold?"

"Aren`t I beautiful?"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flying time

It`s Saturday already, I`m sure the hours and days of this week have been shorter than normal! It seems almost impossible that I`m at the last day of my weeks holiday. I`ve still got so much that I wanted to do, places I wanted to go, that I`ve not got done.

Apart from one day, which was drizzly rain, I`ve been lucky and had a week of sunshine - yes, sunshine and warmth (by day at least) in October. I don`t normally holiday in October, but circumstances made me cancel a week last month and have this week instead, I`m glad I did.

Have I really had 5 days holiday - let`s see......

  • On Monday, I went shopping with a friend (1 day gone)
  • On Tuesday, I took my mother out (2 days gone)
  • On Wednesday, I emptied a cupboard, spring cleaned my bedroom (3 days gone)
  • On Thursday, I had a friend here for the day (4 days gone)
  • On Friday, I collected my Mum, cooked fish & chips for our dinner, then took her shopping (5 days gone)
  • Today....... ??????
What shall I do today, to make the most of my last day of "freedom"? No, I shouldn`t really say that, I enjoy my work now and it`s not a drudge or a tie. I`ve got a few things locally that I just must do today, like a church flower arrangement, so I can`t go out for the day. Maybe this afternoon I`ll have an afternoon out.

In the meantime, enjoy another photo the sunset.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holiday time

I`m on holiday this week, and enjoying it The weekend was very good for weather - sunny and really warm, so I made the most of it, by trying to be outdoors as much as possible. On Saturday, I wandered round a local market and bought myself a couple of skirts. Then returning home, I still felt it was too nice to be indoors, so I got to work setting some heather plants and tulips and daffodil bulbs in pots, before in the afternoon, going to a National Trust property - Felbrigg Hall, which, although fairly close to where I live, I`ve never been to before. I first went on the tour round the house - plenty of old paintings filling all the walls, which I don`t find particularly interesting, I prefer in these old houses/halls to see how people lived and especially love visiting the kitchens. This building was ok, but not very exceptional. I still prefer Blickling Hall.

It was nice though wandering round the walled garden when I came out of the house, and seeing all the unusual plants - like a 100 year old "headache tree" (can`t remember its proper name), and seeing a huge cactus and other plants, whilst enjoying the feel of the sun warm upon me. Yes, warm in October - no coats needed!

I spotted this beautiful waterlily in a small pond set the middle of the formal beds, which were all surrounded by neat box hedging.
One amusing feature of the garden was this seat which had been made to look like a barrow.

Chickens and a couple of cockerels were wandering freely around the garden. The only problem about that, said the person I`d met who was showing me round, was that they eat the plants, especially the vegetable ones before they can grow.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Orange Sky

The sun began to go down yesterday as we sat in the car at a local beauty spot, and we soon realised that it was going to be a fantastic sunset, so out came my camera!

As the sun sank further down, the sky turned more and more orange, and the clouds shone around their edges as if they were really aglow. It was a stunning scene. We just sat and watched and watched.

(The answer to the church picture, of the last post, is that it is Sandringham church, where the Queen and Royal Family go on Christmas Day)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day Out

My friend didn`t bring very good weather with her for her holiday - it rained and the wind blew, but this is where we went on Friday. Anyone recognise where it is? It`s quite well known for one particular reason!

And walking up the path to it, we spotted these plants, which we didn`t know either, does anyone know what they are?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Holiday guest

All my rushing around was worth while. My friend arrived as planned and we have a very enjoyable 4 days together - except that the weather decided to change from the nice sunny days of the previous week into cold wind and rain. The gas fires had to be put on for the first time this year. But the weather didn`t stop us going out.

On the first morning we went to a nearby small town where she`d also previously lived (as well as having lived in the same town as I`m in year`s ago), then from there we went on to another largish town, where wandering round the large store there, I saw a Coffee table which I liked. and it had the bonus of two drawers in it - ideal for concealing all the clutter that at times builds up on surfaces in the room I thought. I`d been feeling that my newly decorated lounge just needed something in the middle as when one person sat in the armchair anyone sitting on the settee looked a mile away! So, we measured the table and brought the measurements home.

Next day we went back to purchase the table, as it was the ideal size. Whilst doing so my friend spotted that there was also a small square table in the same design - your tv would look good on that she said! I agreed with her, so have ordered both - they`re coming on Friday.

So we enjoyed our first two days. More about what we did the next day, tomorrow