Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beautiful !

"Follow the leader"

I went to one of my favourite places yesterday afternoon for a leisurely stroll round in the autumn sunshine, and ofcourse took my camera with me. It seemed to be bath day for a lot of the birds as they were all splashing away cleaning and preening their feathers. And, as you`ll see in the last photo, one in particular seemed to want to show himself (or herself!) off, as, as I stood there he/she extended its wings to the full extent - beautiful.

"Having a splashing time!"

"Is the water cold?"

"Aren`t I beautiful?"


a d mirer said...

Yes Ivy, you are.

eija said...

Is my home town the only place in the world where the birds seem to be living only somewhere in the woods, away from the people and out of the reach of cameras?

I want a bird pond like that, too! With lots and lots of big, beautiful birds! Me wants!