Monday, October 06, 2008

Holiday guest

All my rushing around was worth while. My friend arrived as planned and we have a very enjoyable 4 days together - except that the weather decided to change from the nice sunny days of the previous week into cold wind and rain. The gas fires had to be put on for the first time this year. But the weather didn`t stop us going out.

On the first morning we went to a nearby small town where she`d also previously lived (as well as having lived in the same town as I`m in year`s ago), then from there we went on to another largish town, where wandering round the large store there, I saw a Coffee table which I liked. and it had the bonus of two drawers in it - ideal for concealing all the clutter that at times builds up on surfaces in the room I thought. I`d been feeling that my newly decorated lounge just needed something in the middle as when one person sat in the armchair anyone sitting on the settee looked a mile away! So, we measured the table and brought the measurements home.

Next day we went back to purchase the table, as it was the ideal size. Whilst doing so my friend spotted that there was also a small square table in the same design - your tv would look good on that she said! I agreed with her, so have ordered both - they`re coming on Friday.

So we enjoyed our first two days. More about what we did the next day, tomorrow

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Lani said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time! So happy for you.