Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Orange Sky

The sun began to go down yesterday as we sat in the car at a local beauty spot, and we soon realised that it was going to be a fantastic sunset, so out came my camera!

As the sun sank further down, the sky turned more and more orange, and the clouds shone around their edges as if they were really aglow. It was a stunning scene. We just sat and watched and watched.

(The answer to the church picture, of the last post, is that it is Sandringham church, where the Queen and Royal Family go on Christmas Day)


Leigh said...

I am just catching up on your blog!!! Wow, what gorgeous pics you have been taking!

We have some of that grass (in our landscape) in your last post. I will ask hubby if he knows the name and let you know!

I missed you dearly, my beautiful friend!

lorna (see throughfaith) said...

what beautiful beautiful shots.