Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holiday time

I`m on holiday this week, and enjoying it The weekend was very good for weather - sunny and really warm, so I made the most of it, by trying to be outdoors as much as possible. On Saturday, I wandered round a local market and bought myself a couple of skirts. Then returning home, I still felt it was too nice to be indoors, so I got to work setting some heather plants and tulips and daffodil bulbs in pots, before in the afternoon, going to a National Trust property - Felbrigg Hall, which, although fairly close to where I live, I`ve never been to before. I first went on the tour round the house - plenty of old paintings filling all the walls, which I don`t find particularly interesting, I prefer in these old houses/halls to see how people lived and especially love visiting the kitchens. This building was ok, but not very exceptional. I still prefer Blickling Hall.

It was nice though wandering round the walled garden when I came out of the house, and seeing all the unusual plants - like a 100 year old "headache tree" (can`t remember its proper name), and seeing a huge cactus and other plants, whilst enjoying the feel of the sun warm upon me. Yes, warm in October - no coats needed!

I spotted this beautiful waterlily in a small pond set the middle of the formal beds, which were all surrounded by neat box hedging.
One amusing feature of the garden was this seat which had been made to look like a barrow.

Chickens and a couple of cockerels were wandering freely around the garden. The only problem about that, said the person I`d met who was showing me round, was that they eat the plants, especially the vegetable ones before they can grow.


Leigh said...

I think this sounds like a perfectly lovely way to spend a warm October day! Gorgeous photos!! I think both of the Hall's look fascinating!

seethroughfaith said...

been to both and they are both wonderful (tho very different). My daughter loved Blickling!