Friday, October 24, 2008

The Problem with Time

I laid in bed a short time ago, listening to the clock radio which had woken me up at the usual time. The young (?) lady doing the programme went on to a regular feature which is included in the format. That`s early this morning, I thought glancing at the time, strange. Still I`ve a bit longer before I need put my feet out and get up.

Very, very shortly after that feature she said, now to the news - but it can`t be I thought looking at the clock part of my clock radio, it only says 6.20, not 6.30. I hurridly put on a light and looked at my watch. Yes it was 6.30. Very strange, I looked back at the clock radio, which had come on at the normal time, but it still said 6.20. I sprang out of bed still trying to puzzle it out.

I`ve reset the clock, so will watch and see what it does today.

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