Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flying time

It`s Saturday already, I`m sure the hours and days of this week have been shorter than normal! It seems almost impossible that I`m at the last day of my weeks holiday. I`ve still got so much that I wanted to do, places I wanted to go, that I`ve not got done.

Apart from one day, which was drizzly rain, I`ve been lucky and had a week of sunshine - yes, sunshine and warmth (by day at least) in October. I don`t normally holiday in October, but circumstances made me cancel a week last month and have this week instead, I`m glad I did.

Have I really had 5 days holiday - let`s see......

  • On Monday, I went shopping with a friend (1 day gone)
  • On Tuesday, I took my mother out (2 days gone)
  • On Wednesday, I emptied a cupboard, spring cleaned my bedroom (3 days gone)
  • On Thursday, I had a friend here for the day (4 days gone)
  • On Friday, I collected my Mum, cooked fish & chips for our dinner, then took her shopping (5 days gone)
  • Today....... ??????
What shall I do today, to make the most of my last day of "freedom"? No, I shouldn`t really say that, I enjoy my work now and it`s not a drudge or a tie. I`ve got a few things locally that I just must do today, like a church flower arrangement, so I can`t go out for the day. Maybe this afternoon I`ll have an afternoon out.

In the meantime, enjoy another photo the sunset.

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