Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rushing around

I`ve had a busy few days. I`ve been trying to catch up with all the jobs that haven`t got done in the last few weeks -

- like filing papers,
- catching up on housework, not the routine, but things one only does occasionally!
- sorting out my parents bedroom now that she`s no longer needing it. What a lot of items I binned from there!
- Shopping
- thinking of menu`s
- making things I`d promised people that I would
- posting off cheques etc...

Why the sudden rush to do all this?......

I`ve got a friend coming to stay from tomorrow for a few days. The first time in my life that I`ve ever had anyone to stay. I`ve not been able to, for various reasons, so now that I`ve the house to myself I can. I`m looking forward to seeing her. No doubt it will call for some late nights as we sit and chat and catch up on all each others news!

It`s a great feeling today too, to be on top of all the jobs.


eija said...

So sorry about your Saturday... But now, enjoy the company of your friend as well as your new "freedom"! You deserve it!

seethroughfaith said...

your friend is so lucky to be able to stay with you. I'm just catching up on your blog and read that you've had a marvellous time (in spite of the weather) and I'm so glad about that!