Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Saturday

After a good day on that Friday, we had a shock and upset on the Saturday evening. My Mum`s man-friend (can`t say boy friend at that age) didn`t go to see her as she epected on the Saturday afternoon. So after she`d made numerous phone calls to his and got no answer, I went round to see if there were any lights on at his in the evening. There weren`t.

Thankfully I didn`t have a key. So I rang the bell of the person the in flat above as I knew them, and luckily they were there (their`s is only a holiday type flat), they came down, but they didn`t have a key either. So he went and got a big torch from his garage to look through the windows. Looking through he could see that Mum`s friend was lying dead on the floor. So that was a shock. Then I had to go and phone my parent and tell her. Surprisingly she seemed as is she expected to hear that and didn`t burst into tears at the time.

In a way, it`s a relief to me that it happened the way it did for him. It would have been so much worse if he`d had had an accident on the way to or from Mum`s, or been at hers. And, to be honest it`s something I`ve always dreaded would happen if he was here or with me in the car, as he was quite elderly.

Although I liked him as a person, I have always resented the way Mum seemed to be putting him in my Dad`s place. And no-one could replace my Dad. So I`ve not shed any tears over this, at the moment, and I don`t think I will.


Lani said...

Oh dear. So glad you didn't have to be the one to find him. That would have been a bit shocking.

Leigh said...

I will say a prayer for your mama. I do understand your feelings, I have (somewhat)been there.