Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Special Moment

I was sitting in our church service on Sunday evening for a special service, when the Town Mayor got up to speak to welcome a new Minister.

He (the Mayor) started by saying that he was going to tell us a little of his background. Not very interesting I thought!! but how wrong could I be!

He went on to say that he had very strong memories of being taught by Mr.Xxxx xxxx in the boys class in the old chapel (the one before the current church was built). And how the influence of the nature and teaching of that gentleman had stayed with him all his life.

That teacher, was my Dad.

It was so lovely to hear someone remember and speak about my Dad, someone that I didn`t even know had known my Dad, and even more so because of the sincere way he thought of and spoke of him.

It was a truly Special Moment


Z said...

How lovely, and you must have felt really emotional. Did you have a chance to introduce yourself afterwards? If you didn't, you should write to him and tell him - he'd be so pleased.

Ivy said...

Yes, I did go and speak to him and thank him, and said how much it meant to me to hear someone remember my Dad. We had a nice little chat about him.

lorna (see throughfaith) said...

that's lovely ivy - such a special moment for you!