Friday, May 25, 2007

7 Things about Me

Lorna has tagged me to do this. So here are 7 things you`ve always wanted to know about me! (but I don`t think I can find seven people to tag to continue it, sorry Lorna)
The rules are: People who are tagged start by thinking about 7 random facts/habits about themselves. Each player then must write about those seven things on their blog, as well as include these rules. Players then need to choose 7 people to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave each person a comment telling them they’ve been tagged.

1. I can`t sit and do nothing. (well not very often) Like now, although I`m sitting down in an easy chair, my laptop`s on my lap, and I`m typing away. If I have the television on to watch, my hands are usually busy with some cross-stitch work or craft work at the same time. I often think I`d love to be able to sit and do nothing for a couple of hours sometimes, but I never end up doing it.

2. I live by the seaside. But I can`t swim! In one of my drawers though, I`ve got a certificate for swimming at the Primary School I went to - but how I got it I`ll never know, because I never went in the pool ! They must have just issued them to everyone in the class. Just goes to show that all these certificates and bits of paper we have, don`t necessarily mean a thing, do they?!

3. One of my habits, is if I`m given presents, birthday, Christmas or whenever, I always try to unwrap them without tearing the paper. However hard the sellotape it stuck down, I persist in finding the edge to peel it gently off so as not to rip the paper. I think that probably stems back to when as a little child, I was made to open them like that at Christmas, instead of rushing into them all.

4. I`ve not got any brothers or sisters. How I wish so often that I had. To have someone to share things with.

5. I collect thimbles. I`ve got over 350 of them, all shapes and sizes. Although most are made of china, I`ve also got wood, glass, plastic, metal and other ones. To look at them gives me memories of places I`ve been, and of people who have brought one to give to me. I`ll perhaps show you some on a blog post in the future.

6. I`ve never had long hair. As a youngster I used to look at others who had lovely long hair and wish mine was like it, but I was never allowed to grow it any longer than just above shoulder length.

7. A bad habit of mine, is now to spend too long into the late evening on my computer! I used to go to bed at a reasonable hour, now I find, I get on the computer and the hours just go, and often before I realise it, it`s a lot later than I think.

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