Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time passes

I see its over a fourteen days since I wrote a post.    I suppose that just goes to show how mundane and uneventful my life is.

My birthday came and went last Wednesday, didn`t do anything special to celebrate it.   Worked in the morning, went to see my mother in the afternoon.   I was going to have tea with her, but it snowed so hard there and covered the roads in about and inch in a short time, so I came back home.  And sat by the fire and watched tv in the evening.     No birthday cake.   Infact still no present from mother, as I`ve to take her out shopping to get it and until this weather clears that won`t happen!     I did though have 19 nice birthday cards from different friends, so they`re standing on the mantlepiece and cabinets in the room making the place look nice and bright.    (the cards are standing, not the friends!!)

Other than that, nothing different has occured.   Which, I guess in a way is something to be thankful for.


Z said...

I'd not really bother about my birthday to be honest, it's my family who make a fuss of me.

But you're too young to settle for being thankful that nothing has happened. I think you should do something different, just to break out of the rut. It's good for the brain, sets up pathways.

Z said...

Oh, and many happy returns!

Ivy said...

Thanks Z.