Friday, December 03, 2010


We`ve got snow!

Ok, I know that most of the country has had it all week.   Even just a mile away there was snow, but our  town by the sea had none.

Last night it fell, and I awoke to a pretty white world this morning.   I quite enjoy truding through the snow when its first on the ground, all soft and white, so as I needed so milk off I went to the town, a short walk away.  The side streets were fine, it was when I got into the main street where people had been walking more that it became all slushy and slippery on both the pavements and the road. 

I safely negotiated crossing the road to get to the supermarket, got my milk, bread, some meat and some skate to cook for my dinner, turned to recross the road...... and......down I went on the slippery slush.   Fortunately I didn`t do any harm to myself other than some bruises.  

I still like the look of the snow, but won`t be in a rush to go out again!!

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Z said...

Poor you. I was very nervous on the icy roads last year with my bad hip. I'm still not allowed (!) to fall, and am being very careful - but it's so easy to go over, isn't it.