Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions.

To have more patience with my parent

To make more time for myself

To make more time to pray and read my bible

To complete a needlework picture I started a few years ago

To be more organised

To keep things tidier

To have more exercise

To try and talk more to people, to try and make friends

To overcome the nerves I get at times about going anywhere

To find time and space to sit and read

To write my Blog earlier in the day

Having started writing this list of new year resolutions, (and it`s several years since I did make any resolutions) it came to me that maybe they`re not really all resolutions but some are ways in which I know and feel that I badly need to change. But yet, what really is a resolution? I looked it up in the dictionary and found – firm intention; great determination; - so maybe these are resolutions then.

Can I keep them though! Readers will have to keep nudging me on them!

I Wish a Happy New Year and good health to everyone who reads this.

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