Tuesday, June 07, 2005


A bit of thinking aloud today……Why can`t I be contented with life?

Looking back to school days, I couldn`t wait to leave and get a job. School days, so they say are the happiest days of ones life, I didn`t find that. Now I`ve got a job (and had it for a good number of years) I can`t wait to retire? I`m discontented at work, with the way things are there now-a days and the hassle of not enough staff, and the unrest among so many of us.

I want a life of my own, before it`s too late. I look at others of my age, they`ve got their own partners, children, homes etc., (I don`t mean I`m jealous, but it just brings make me realise what I haven`t got), they`re doing what they want to do. Me, I`m stuck still at home having never moved out. I`m an odd one out, and with the elderly parent, what chance have I got of finding anyone. My time`s not my own, my life doesn`t seem my own with an elderly parent to live with. I`d love to walk out, get a place of my own, but I can`t.

I know I`ve got a lot I should be thankful for, but I`m discontented with how everything is. Yet, what can I do about it, without hurting anyone.

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