Friday, June 10, 2005

I`m not rushing!

I`ve had a day off work today, and had the house to myself most of the afternoon and evening, and its been lovely. I can get so much more done too when I`m on my own. I`ve had time to do both housework and some of my craft work. I know mother can`t help being slow, but doesn`t she realise that when she was my age she did things as quickly as I now do. All I keep getting told by her is “you`re always rushing doing everything , slow down”. I`m not rushing, I don`t want to slow down, I`m not old, (yet!!) It`s so frustrating.
I suppose that`s why I keep writing things like this here, because it’s the only safe way I can have of releasing the frustration, or trying to.

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