Saturday, June 11, 2005


It came to me today, that this is my life, that I`ve got to make the best of what I`ve got, where I am, and not keep hankering after what I`ve not got. It must be where God wants me to be, and I`ve got to accept that.
I think it`s helped me think, by writing what I have this week.
I also remembered today a prayer I`d come across some time ago in a book of Norfolk Prayers,
to quote part of it:

Lord, help me to accept
where I am
at this moment.
It may not be where I want to be,
but the beginning of my healing
is in the acceptance
of where I am.

And if I don`t know
where I am,
or what is happening,
or what may happen,
then help me to live with
`not knowing`,
if that`s where I am!

Lord, you know exactly
where I am,
In your love,
you are with me,
here, in this place.
Thank you, Lord.

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