Friday, June 24, 2005

Which tea to choose?

Having written a Blog on coffee, (which I don`t drink), I thought I`d look up Tea, which I do drink. And I found in the Rainbow of Tea, that there`s far more varieties of tea without counting all the various blends than there are of coffee. And then of course there`s flavoured teas, According to the article flavouring tea has been done for centuries with onions, orange peel, peach leaves, berries, jasmine, orchid, rose, and magnolia. And even some manufacturer has even produced flavours from banana to toffee pudding! I wonder who drinks them? especially the onion tea? Can`t say I fancy it. I`m not adventurous with food or beverages. Think I`ll stick to plain tea. Might venture to try Earl Gray one day though!
But, to go back to my first blog on tea & coffee, as there`s far more varieties of teas than coffees why do people offer coffee first?

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