Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Engage Brain before Speaking

Someone I knew used to say that he had those words written beside the telephone.

Maybe I should have written beside my computer…. Engage brain before writing !
I had no intention of offending or being insensitive to my readers in what I wrote in my Blog yesterday. Apologies if I did.

I suppose it goes to show how people interpret things in different ways, what I took to be an inanimate object could be read by someone else in a different way.

Is that where and how a lot of misunderstandings in our world happen today?


Dave said...

If you mean me, I wasn't offended, I was just trying to demonstrate why the Catholic Church might have allocated saints to various odd things.

Not that I happen to believe in the cult of the saints myself.

Ivy said...

I`m totally confused on the whole subject of saints. I`ve never understood them, the purpose of them, or why they are.
I think that`s mainly why I wrote that blog to see if I got any explanations on belief in them.