Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It`s half gone

Where do the hours and days go to? Tomorrow will be the last day of June and half way through 2005 already. We`ve passed the longest day, so now the nights will start to get darker earlier, yet where have all those long summer evenings gone which we used to have? They used to seem to last for weeks.

Is it because now-a-days we`re always planning ahead so much, not living each day as it comes? I`m always thinking of what I`ve to do tomorrow, the next day, next week…. At times the lists of jobs, either mentally or written down (in my case mostly written down, so as not to forget them!) seems to get longer and longer, but the time to do them gets shorter and shorter. But, no doubt, as always, things will get done in time. I`m not saying I`ve too much to do, but just musing on how the time seems to run on quicker. For instance, I always intend to write my blog earlier in the day, but somehow it always gets to late evening before I actually sit down to do it.

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