Saturday, June 18, 2005

More food handling

Following on from yesterday.....
With all the rules and regulations they keep bringing in on handling food, I`m wondering when the day will come when they say, it`s not hygienic and will ban the way bread is distributed in Communion services!
Just think about it, the bread is first cut up into pieces by someone in their kitchen, then transported to the church, put on an open plate and then picked up as individual pieces and given into people`s hands. How many hands handle that one little piece of bread?! I often wonder too, why the pieces are so small, if it’s a taste of the banquet prepared for us! But that`s getting side tracked.
Only on one occasion, years ago, have I reluctantly accepted the bread… on that occasion the hands of the person who was giving it looked very grubby with black nails. It later transpired that he`d come on a bike and his chain had come off on the way, so he`d had to fix it. But, I survived the bread!
But how long I wonder before some “wise health official” decides it should only be given out with protective gloves on or using tongs!!?

[No, before anyone thinks it, I`m not saying there should be regulations on it, far from it…. But with all the petty things they come up with, it`s a thought isn`t it?]

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