Thursday, June 30, 2005

A day out at the Show

I`ve had a great day out today!
I`ve been to somewhere, or should I say something, that I`d never been to before.
The weather was perfect, not too hot and with some clouds to stop the sun from being too overpowering, even a welcome light shower of rain for a few minutes.

Probably having lived in Norfolk all my life, it’s a bad admission to say that I`d never been to the Royal Norfolk Show before. But until today I hadn`t.
I can see now what I`ve been missing – a very enjoyable day out. Looking at beautiful flowers, plants and flower arrangements, animals, birds of prey and evene seeing a falcon splashing about having a bath in a shallow dish of water, seeing the skill of various crafts people, standing listening to a pipe and drum band. So many varied sights and sounds.

But I think what made the day so enjoyable was having a friend to go with, to share it with and to chat with.

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