Monday, June 27, 2005

Saints galore!

I was just looking up something about St. Christopher, and discovered that there are saints for almost everything under the sun!.....
there`s saints for toothache...., pencil makers...., shoe shiners...., sheds..., florists..., button makers..., telephones..., television..., fireworks..., kidney stones..., needle-workers..., zoos (which of course turns out to be St. Francis).
Why do sheds need a saint? Or kidney stones? Or telephones and televisions? Or fireworks?
But from the lists of hundreds and hundreds of them, I don`t see one for shop-workers, factory workers or office works ! - why not??
Wonder if there will be one day??


Who is this Dave? said...

If you ever suffer the pain of a kidney stone (I've had three) you might be glad of any prayerful help you can get!

Ivy said...

It didn`t say the person with kidney stones, it just said kidney stones! Making it sound as if the saint was for the stones, not the sufferer, which was why I wrote what I did.
I do of course have sympathy and prayers for the sufferers.