Monday, June 20, 2005

Coffee or tea?

Reading again through the piece I reproduced for my blog yesterday, a question came to me from the last line of it….
Why is it people always think of having a cup of coffee?
What is it about coffee that makes people always offer that to visitors or friends?
Why not a cup of tea? Or even a glass of juice, or even water?
Surely I can`t be the only person who doesn`t like or drink coffee, can I?
Or am I, as I`ve said before an `odd one out` !


Who is this Dave? said...

And why do churches have coffee mornings, not tea mornings?

Ivy said...

I suppose for the same reason restaurants have afternoon tea and not afternoon coffee. Doesn`t have the same ring to them, do they. Or is it just that we`ve got so used to hearing those expressions.
It can put me off going to Coffee Mornings though, incase it`s all there is. We`ll have to start a trend and rename them!