Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sad birds?

I`ve just come back from doing some shopping, and driving along the road, I saw ahead of me something fluttering on the road in the breeze. As I came to it I saw that it was the black feathers of a blackbird. The poor thing had been hit by a car or something and was lying dead in the road. Was it on its way to its nest with some food for its young, I wondered. Were there a family of chicks waiting for it to return, wondering what had happened to it? Would they survive? Would the other parent bird survive to look after them, or would it too have some misfortune come to it. I do hope not.
We so often see birds and other creatures lying in the road, particularly in the country lanes, where they have been hit by vehicles, I always hate to see it, it`s so sad. But I`d not thought until today of the knock-on effect it could have, that others could die because that had died. So, I urge all drivers, please consider the wild-life when you`re driving.

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