Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Creepy Crawlies

Why were slugs created?!
What useful purpose can they have?

I think I`ve said before that I don`t like “creepy crawlies”…. This afternoon I was potting up some plants I`d bought the other day, and to do so had to empty some containers which had had bulbs in during the spring. On turning one upside down to get them out, and when it dropped out – ughhh there were several slugs and a lot of woodlice at the bottom but now on the top as it sat on the ground. But, what to do about them…. I didn`t want them getting everywhere, in the end I resorted to putting some slug pellets on them and hoping that would do the trick. It took me a long while to risk turning another pot up, eventually I did and found exactly the same, so at that stage I gave up emptying the pots. I know, don`t tell me! - I`m a coward. But why do such tiny things (against the size of us) manage to make one feel so creepy?!

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