Friday, May 20, 2005

Crabs eye view

Ooooh, come on Sis it`s time to play and see the big wide world again. Look, there`s all those long things coming down from above us again. Do they think we`re hungry? Which do you fancy - the bit of bacon, the crust of bread or that smelly old bit of fish? I like the look of the one on that orange string, I`ll get hold of that. Here we go, have you got hold of one too?..... up we go…. Now, let go! Let`s do it again, before we let them get us right to the top! Suppose we`d better let them pull us right up this time, ready? I`m racing you, mine`s going up quicker.
Oh, aren`t those children big against us, I`m going to wiggle my claws and my feet at them, listen how they squeal ! Funny isn`t it, how we can frighten them small as we are. Now what`s happening to me, my feet are getting tangled up in that boy`s mesh on a stick – O I see, he`s afraid to get hold of me, to lift me off the bacon, not like the brave girl whose gently lifted you off.
Well, I`m on my own now in this bucket of water, funny, its not like one I`ve been in before I can see out of it, still I can crawl round and see all sorts of things, don`t know what they are, some of them make a noise too. Wonder where Sis is. Oh hello Uncle Salty, have you come up to play with the children too, wonder who else will end up in here with us.
It`s getting crowded in here, there`s Crabby, Oneclaw, Brac, and some I don`t know, wonder how many more of us he wants to catch, I`m getting hot too under the sun.
Now, we`re moving, don`t swing that bucket so much, I`m getting bucketsick, slow down boy. Oh, at last, now just a gentle tumble and roll, we`ve out!, now I can crawl slowly back into the water and go and find my friends and hear where they`ve been and what they`ve seen up there today.
It`s quite an exciting life being a young crab!

Talking about catching crabs yesterday, made me think and wonder what its like from the crabs point of view, so have let my imagine run with it!

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