Tuesday, May 24, 2005

If it ain`t broken, don`t mend it !

I had a telephone call the other day from the doctors receptionist to inform me that they wanted me to have a routine blood test. Am I the only coward over this? Even the thought of it makes me go pale.
I also am thinking, but I feel fine, so why should I go and have one, my normal tablets must be ok, and if they change or mess about with them then maybe I won`t feel so well.
After all, if ones washing machine, kettle or whatever is working fine we don`t take it to bits and interfere with that do we. As the saying goes, if it ain`t broken, don`t mend it!
So, do I go or not?


Dave said...

So you only take your car in to be serviced when it breaks down? I think not. Routine maintenance of a machine is important.

The human body is a far more complex machine than a motor car, and subtle things can be going wrong that we are not aware of. That's why we need routine blood tests from time to time.

Ivy said...

Point taken, thank you.

I`ll have to pluck up my courage now, to go for it.