Sunday, May 29, 2005

Inspiring Worship

Although I attend worship almost every Sunday, so often I find it very ordinary, sometimes dull, sometimes seeming to be `in the past` irrelevant to life today (I know it depends a lot on who the preacher is). But, this morning`s, to me, was a really up-to-date inspiring service. The organ sounded so good, the singing went exceptionally well and really uplifted one. No, the hymns weren`t modern, they didn`t need to be, some of the older hymns do have lovely and meaningful words which are still very relevant today. The sermon, linked to the theme of computers was very well thought out and put across. It really was a good morning`s worship. Normally I prefer evening services and find more in them, because they are quieter and more thoughtful, but it will take a lot to beat that service.

I somehow think its going to be one that sticks in my mind for a long time.


Who is this Dave? said...

The sermon actually had a title, which, due to some failure of the e-mail system (actually human error) failed to get in the notices.
It was called 'God and chips'.
Subtitle, 'God and the microchip' for those who thought the main title was silly.

Ivy said...

I like the God and chips title best.... there was after all a lot of food for thought in it.