Thursday, May 19, 2005

Under the Surface

I was watching some children dangling fishing lines into the water the other day, they were hoping to catch some little crabs, and they were succeeding. Looking down into the water, it was murky and opaque, you couldn`t see the crabs, you couldn`t see anything below the surface but there were things below the surface.
And it struck me, we can be like that water. People only see the outer side of us that we are prepared for them to see. But yet there can be a lot going on in our lives, with our emotions, our feelings, our doubts, our uncertainties, our worries, that are hidden from view.
It made me wonder, how well do we really know people that we think we know? People we work with, people we meet, people we live with. Do we need sometimes to do like those children and delve under the surface, to really get to understand others better?

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