Tuesday, May 03, 2005

In a shower of rain

As I sit down to write my blog today, there`s a large pigeon sitting on the fence in the garden, and he (or she!) is doing something unusual, or at least something I`ve not seen before.

There`s quite a sharp, heavy shower of rain but, instead of flying away, there he (or she) sits, lifting up its wing and spreading the feathers out letting the water get underneath them, as if enjoying a shower! Then it turned round and did the same with the other wing and spread all its tail feathers out too, before settling down to preen all its feathers. I`ve seen birds in the bird bath before - infact there`s a blackbird in it now, (must be bath day!) and I know our canary likes to splash in a bath (no, not the bath in the bathroom!, a special one that goes on the cage), but I`d not seen a bird having a shower before. It looked to really enjoy it.
I wonder if others have seen birds shower, or is it unusual?

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