Monday, May 16, 2005

Changing Views

Isn`t it strange how one`s views of a place can be changed.
For years and years I`d wanted to visit the Lake District, it sounded such a beautiful place, but each year`s holiday came and went and we never went there. Then years later, I learnt to drive and went to my “dream” place. Was it as I`d imagined it to be, no. The scenery was there, but it seemed disappointing, flat, it just didn`t do anything for me.
Yet, having been into a little of the area last week, (yes, some of the same area as before), my view of it was completely changed.
That set me thinking and wondering, why. Looking back, I can see now that it wasn`t the area that was wrong, it was me that was wrong, my feelings and emotions were at a mixed up and sad time in my life, that everything was looking grey and that coloured my view of where I was. That wherever I`d have gone at that time it would have seemed the same.
So I`m glad I`ve had the opportunity to go again and really appreciate the beauty of the area. And discover something about myself at the same time.

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