Saturday, May 28, 2005

They`re back!

Yes, the grockles are back!, they`re everywhere!,
but I think they`ve left their brains behind.
Walking along the pavements one is very tempted to say “Look where you`re going” or “Go where you`re looking”! they all seem to be looking one way and walking in a different direction.
And, Why, oh why, on a beautiful sunny warm day does it take mother, father, all the children a grandparent or two to all wander round a shop to buy one small item, maybe a packet of crisps, a pint of milk, a loaf of bread, then to all decide to stand in the queues at the checkouts, making the queues appear much longer than they really are. Surely commonsense would be for one to come in and the rest to wait outside?
Or is it the novelty of small shops after the big supermarkets that`s the attraction?
I don`t think so, by the way they moan about the length of the queues – don`t they realise its them and others like them making the queues look so huge?!

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