Thursday, November 17, 2005

Too money orientated?

A chance comment made to me the other day, set me thinking. Do people feel they have to be rich to go to church? Is this part of the cause of the reported falling church attendance now-a-days? Are the poorer and less well off people stopping away because they feel they can`t afford to go to church?

Even over the last few weeks on Sundays at the church I attend, besides the `normal` collection in the service, there`s been an extra collection for a cause, gift envelopes for different causes, children with collecting boxes, boxes available to take home to collect in, and others- like tickets for events, cards and items for sale, which one sometimes feels obliged to buy.

Are things like this putting people off coming to church? Do they feel excluded because they can`t always afford to contribute, so they stop coming to worship? I wonder.

Is the church getting too money orientated? There are other ways of showing God`s love, in caring. I`m not suggesting that we shouldn`t support needy causes and disasters, but at times it seems as if worship is being lost for money-making.

Is this all contributing to falling church attendance?

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