Sunday, November 20, 2005

A country drive

It was a beautiful autumn day today, but a sharp cold one, so instead of going for a walk, I went for a drive round the country lanes, no particular destination, just a ride to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.
We saw some lovely autumn colour in the leaves on many of the trees. Such varieties of shades from yellow, gold, orange and with the sun shining through them and the breeze gently stirring them, they were a delight to view. There were carpets of fallen leaves too under the trees and contrasting with the green of the grass where they had fallen on the banks. Further on the movement of a flock of sea-gulls over a field caught our attention they were following a tractor ploughing the field. There was grace and pattern in the systematic way the ones pecking in the rich dark earth of the furrows made, at the furthest end from the tractor took to the air and came to the front and settled again, a constant circular motion of movement of them all in harmony. To complete the real country scene a horse with a small carriage came trotting along the lane towards us.
As the afternoon wore on the sun began to drop lower in the sky and became a striking orange, lighting the sky and hanging as a huge golden ball. Trees stood silhouetted starkly against this orange sky, making visible their shape of bare branches.
What a beautiful world, and how lucky we are to have all this so near where we live.

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